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Raccoon removal in the Charlottesville VA and Central Virginia areas is one of our specialties. To effectively remove raccoons from an attic and other locations in a structure you must first have a thorough understanding of raccoon behavior and biology.

Many consider raccoons to be cute and cuddly. This is a dangerous assumption. Raccoons are the primary rabies vector species in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia areas. (Rabies is most often transmitted by contact with the saliva on an infected animal.) Even when another animal is infected, the disease itself is often of the raccoon strain. Raccoons also carry parasites that impact humans or domestic animals including raccoon roundworm, fleas and other unpleasant parisites. This is why raccoon control and raccoon removal in Charlottesville VA and Central Virginia is so important.

Raccoons have litters that range in size from three to eight young. Female raccoons in urban areas like Charlottesville will often have their young (called kits) in attics. Females have a strong maternal instinct and can become quite vicious when protecting their young in and around human dwellings. Though some small bachelor groups have been observed in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia areas, raccoons are not pack animals. Most groups of raccoons seen together are a mother and her young. Young raccoons typically will stay with their mother through the first Winter. Male raccoons tend to stay near females during breeding season but move off on their own long before the young arrive.

Two popular myths are that raccoons always wash their food and that raccoons lack salivary glands. Raccoons will often wet their food to increase the sensation of the nerves in their hands rather than to clean their food. Raccoons do in fact have salivary glands. Remember that to transmit rabies their saliva has to come in contact with a bite or other break in the skin.

So, if you suspect raccoons in the attic of your Charlottesville or Central VA home; hear noises in the attic at night, or have raccoons raiding your trash cans you should certainly call the raccoon control professionals at Charlottesville Raccoon Removal. We can diagnose your raccoon removal problem, trap the offending individuals, and provide the necessary repairs to cover holes and construction gaps that may be allowing.

People often ask us, How much does raccoon removal cost? The truth is we don’t provide free raccoon removal, but you’ll find our prices and warranty beat our competitors prices hands down. We are also licensed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and carry Commercial Liability Insurance.

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Call Charlottesville VA Raccoon Removal at (434) 260-7077 for expert raccoon removal and trapping in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia areas.

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