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This Is Where We Will Be Putting News & Info (Including Videos) On Our Company

Animal Related News & Info:

Feeding Wildlife: Food For Thought (.PDF)—A brief discussion of the potential problems created by feeding wildlife.

Red Foxes, House Pets, And Scarcoptic Mange (.PDF)—Understanding mange in foxes and its potential for transmission to humans, canines and felines.

Wildlife Among Us: Dealing With Neighborhood Wildlife Furbearers

White-Nose Syndrome in Virginia: White-Nose Syndrome Fungus Found on a Different Bat Species in Virginia

White-Nose Syndrome: Something is Killing Our Bats

What You Can Do to Help Control Rabies: Suggestions for controlling rabies and what to do if you suspect infection

We are here to help with all of your nuisance animal problems in the Charlottesville and Central Virginia areas of Virginia. Have questions about wildlife removal? We can help. Our Wildlife Control Technicians are considered experts in the field of animal removal, animal control, animal trapping, pest control, pest exterminators, wildlife removal, wildlife control, wildlife exclusion and wildlife management in the Charlottesville and Central VA areas.

Do you have any news & info on wildlife removal, animal control, trapping, pest control, wildlife management, controlling critters, animal diseases or other pesky nuisance animal? If so, give us a call at (434) 260-7077. You can also visit us on the web at Richmond Animal Removal.

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